Why Choose koolKraken


Our team of artists, designers provides real-world experience in art development. All of our artists have minimum 3 years of experience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

If you have any error we change it until you 100% satisfied. We prefer quality our Quantity.

Minimum Price 

Our fee schedule is 100% transparent. No hidden charges, Quality Work at a minimum price.

Project Management

We use in-house artists to lower costs and maintain strict quality control. We provide a la carte services including concept art as distinct offerings, so you only pay for the services Koolkraken delivers.

Privacy and Respect 

is part of Koolkraken’s corporate culture. Your project remains confidential and secure when Koollralen develops artwork, game code or delivers any of our other long menu of service offerings.

Deliver On Deadline 

We respect your deadlines and work overtime to hit them every time. We ensure delivery on deadlines and milestones.


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